Commercial Space Dismantling

Commercial Space Dismantling

Commercial Space Dismantling

Capture and Deorbit: This approach involves capturing debris using robotic arms, nets, or harpoons and then deorbiting it to burn up in Earth's atmosphere. The captured debris either burns up during reentry or falls into an uninhabited area like an ocean. Active Debris Removal (ADR) Missions: These missions aim to rendezvous with large defunct satellites or rocket stages and physically bring them back to Earth. This can be achieved using robotic spacecraft equipped with grappling mechanisms or robotic arms. Space Sweeping: This method involves deploying satellites or spacecraft equipped with large nets, tentacles, or other capture mechanisms to sweep through regions with high concentrations of debris. The captured debris is then deorbited or transferred to safe orbits. Space-Based Lasers: Some proposed concepts involve using high-powered lasers mounted on satellites or ground-based stations to selectively target and vaporize small debris, causing them to lose orbital velocity and eventually reenter the Earth's atmosphere.

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